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Toomey for Senate Releases New TV Ad: "Leadership"

The Toomey for Senate campaign today released a new television ad titled "Leadership," that highlights the differences between an extreme partisan insider like Katie McGinty with an independent leader like Pat Toomey.

Senate Finance Committee approves Miners Protection Act

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee voted Wednesday to approve the Miners Protection Act, a bill that would provide funding to support the health care and pension benefits of retired union miners and their families.

Toomey Supports State Efforts to End Dangerous Sanctuary Cities, Calls on McGinty to Do the Same

Pat Toomey today announced his support for new state efforts to prohibit dangerous sanctuary cities like Philadelphia, and called on Katie McGinty to do the same while ending her support for sanctuary city policies.

Miners' Plight Highlights How Devastating McGinty's "War on Coal" Has Been

With a measure to provide relief for miners' pensions advancing out of committee today, Pat Toomey decried the "War on Coal" that has not only hurt those retirees...

BREAKING NEWS: DEP Confirms McGinty Taxpayer-Funded Job Interview

In breaking news, the Department of Environmental Protection confirms that Katie McGinty’s taxpayer-funded trips had nothing to do with her job as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection.

FACT CHECK: McGinty Uses Recycled Trade Lies to Distract From Job-Killing Agenda

Katie McGinty is so desperate to hide her record of proposing more job-killing taxes in every government job she's ever held, she is resorting to recycled lies about Pat Toomey's record in her new ad.


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