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The Reviews Are In: McGinty Flops in DNC Speech
The reviews are in... and Katie McGinty is receiving harsh criticism from across the political media for her disastrous performance at the DNC in her hometown of Philadelphia.
Pat Toomey Response to Katie McGinty's DNC Speech

Although Katie McGinty discussed the middle class tonight in her Philadelphia DNC speech, she ignored her record of burdening them, including the massive tax hikes she championed in Harrisburg on college costs, nursing home care, daycare and...

Pat Toomey Statement on Katie McGinty's Real Plan for the Middle Class

With Katie McGinty set to speak about the middle class at the DNC tonight, it's worth delving into how damaging her extreme liberal policies would be for families throughout the Commonwealth.

Will McGinty Give a Tutorial on Mastering the Revolving Door in Her DNC Speech?

It's likely McGinty will tout what she's succeeded the most at, which is mastering the revolving door between official government positions and corporate boards to enrich herself. 

Senator Toomey Honored By National Sheriffs' Association

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has been honored with the Award of Appreciation by the National Sheriffs’ Association for his longstanding support of sheriffs and other members of law enforcement.

Police Groups Push Back Against Curbs on Acquiring Military Gear

Following recent attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, law-enforcement groups appear to be gaining traction in their efforts to reverse President Barack Obama’s restrictions on military vehicles and gear for local police...

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