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White House to review ban on military gear for police - police leaders

The White House will revisit a 2015 ban on police forces getting riot gear, armored vehicles and other military-grade equipment from the U.S. armed forces, two police organization directors told Reuters on Thursday.

Week in Review: Toomey Travels Across PA, Meets with Hundreds of Voters

This week, Senator Pat Toomey visited 13 counties across the Commonwealth and met with hundreds of voters to discuss his plans to keep Pennsylvanians safe and secure.

Obama to Review Lifesaving Police Gear Restrictions While McGinty Refuses Reasonable Requests

New reports Thursday confirm the Obama administration is listening to the commonsense requests from law enforcement organizations to lift restrictions and bans on access to lifesaving defensive gear for police...

McGinty Reaffirms Allowing Philly's Dangerous Sanctuary City Policy
In response to a question from reporter Jonathan Allen on Sidewire, Katie McGinty reaffirmed that she would still allow Philadelphia's sanctuary status...
Toomey for Senate Releases New Radio Ad: "Terrorism"

The Toomey for Senate campaign today released a new radio advertisement highlighting Katie McGinty's support for the reckless Iran deal and her extreme liberal security agenda.

McGinty's Iran Deal Claims Continue to Unravel

New revelations over the Iran deal demonstrate how misguided and dangerous Katie McGinty’s support for it truly is. McGinty continues to support the Iran deal even though new reports today demonstrate that Iran...

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